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Can Edea-HR help with contract and temporary staffing?

The experienced specialist team at EdeaHR are well-placed to provide you with both contract and temp as well as permanent roles. We have access to a pool of top temp talent across a range of sectors.

Our hiring team have access top qualified talent for quick assignment.

We have access for project temps on a flexible basis. As well as access to day-rate contractors and interims to support on change projects.

Can Edea-HR help with Remote Staffing?

It is our pleasure to cover all grounds and be versatile in these unprecedented times to make sure the wheels of your business keep on turning by bringing in all the talent needed to do so.

Edea-HR will also help with remote staffing for permanent roles, interim roles and temporary job roles. This include: <Remote job interviews <Remote onboarding <Agile and virtual workspaces.

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Do you provide Technology recruitment services?

We have access to the best tech talent across a range of sectors and roles, including developers, IT project managers and executive roles like chief information officers.

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